To say that the landscape at the Uyuni Salt flats is surreal would be an understatement. But now imagine spending a couple of nights in this dreamscape with almost all the amenities you might expect in a regular hotel. Crillon Tours Deluxe AIRSTREAM CAMPER offers an experience unrivalled anywhere the world. The Specially designed campers include double bed or twin beds, as well as convertible sofa, electric blankets, private bath with hot showers, wardrobe, luggage space, heating, I-pod dock, and a full stocked minibar. This amazing accommodation is complemented with the efficient yet warm service of Heidi and her team. On offer are a range of culinary treats prepared to suit individual palates with a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The campers also come equipped with oxygen support, satellite phones and professional personnel. And if thats not enough, there are a range of activities to indulge in doing the stay such as biking, hiking and visits to interesting sites on the flats. Fancy a lunch under a tent in the middle of nowhere ? NOW JUST IMAGINE !

Bolivia has this and lots more. Find out more at www.uyuni.travel or get in touch with us at [email protected] for special packages for Bolivia as well South America.

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