As travellers are getting increasingly enabled, with online booking sites and an abundance of destination information available online, it is imperative now, to think more actively on how to stay relevant to our travellers.

The business of travel is evolving and the role of the travel agent needs to be adapted to these changing times. Despite the onslaught of automation, digital information and personalization, the trustworthy travel agent continues to stay highly significant. We believe that the travel agent community are arbitrators of discernment, for they know hotel and airline products from every perspective and are a vital cog that sieves information in a manner the Internet cannot.

A great travel agent makes a perceptible enhancement to a travel journey. At Benchmark, travel agents are our greatest ally, particularly as online algorithms can never provide the personal connect the way they do, and that no matter how good an online site might appear for a traveller — objective, non-biased, solid information can only be provided by an agent with the requisite knowledge.

At Benchmark, we believe in empowering our travel agents to focus on meeting their responsibilities, and making travel for their travellers as easy and as trouble-free as possible. And this is exactly why the world’s key DMCs have partnered with us and rely on us.

Savio Pereira
Director, Benchmark

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